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All eligible employees must be enrolled in the Benefit Plan and their personal information including dependent information, if applicable, must be kept current in order to ensure coverage. Compliance in reporting is the responsibility of the employer and failure to report may affect coverage.


Enrolling Employees

Detailed instructions on how to enrol employees are available in the HBT Administration Manual (Enrolment section). Employers can also contact the Benefits Team or their dedicated Benefits Administrator to answer questions or to obtain more information on any aspect of the enrolment process.

Enrolment Data Transfer

For larger organizations such as health authorities, Electronic Data Interface (EDI) is available for enrolling employees. For smaller organizations, all enrolment and contributory earnings reporting activities are now carried out by Pacific Blue Cross.

Electronic Data Interface

For assistance or questions related to Electronic Data Interface contact:

Colleen Young
Toll free: 1.888.736.2087

Enrolment and Earnings Reporting

Enrolments, changes and terminations should be reported to PBC using the Application for Group Benefits or Employee Change form(s).

There are three options for reporting earnings: ADMINnet, reporting by spreadsheet and using the Electronic File Submission.  Your organization will select one of the options depending on your payroll provider, size of your organization, and your preference. 

Further details on enrolment and earnings reporting including forms, online training and HBT Administration Guide are available on PBC’s ADMINnet homepage