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Benefits Administration

Benefits Administration

At HBT, our team of Benefit specialists provides expert guidance and support to member employers in the administration of Benefits ranging from Benefit Plan design to Benefit cost containment strategies.

Every day, HBT administers over 2,500 Benefit packages and more than 600 Benefit Plans negotiated for eight Provincial Collective Agreements and more than 20 Union groups. We also offer a wide range of Benefit Plans for non-union groups throughout the health-care sector in the province.

Member Employer Support

At HBT, our Benefit Administration staff can assist employers in the following areas:

  1. Initial Benefit Plan Design: HBT Benefit specialists can help design competitive and effective Benefit Plans for Excluded Groups. We have a range of Benefit Plans to choose from and will help employers choose the best option to meet their needs.
  2. Benefit Plan Review: HBT Benefit specialists can review existing Benefit Plans and provide expert guidance on changes or enhancements to better meet current Benefit needs. If the Benefit Plan is for Excluded Groups, the review process is simple and changes can be made as per employer instructions.

    For all collectively bargained Benefit Plans, we can provide employers with useful information on Benefit Plan utilization and costs. We cannot, however, do, or propose any changes to the Benefit Plan as this is the responsibility of the Health Employers Association of British Columbia (HEABC).

  1. Plan Administration:
    We support employers at every stage of Benefit Plan administration. HBT Benefit specialists can answer your questions regarding:
    • Plan provision
    • Plan costs
    • Plan utilization
    • Employee enrolment
    • Flex Benefits
    • Applicable rates and rate renewal
    • Admissibility for Benefits
    • Business rules
    • Processes
    • Benefit Booklets, forms and related documentation
    • Calculation of Benefits…and much more

For assistance contact us at 604.736.2087 or toll free at 1.888.736.2087 and ask to talk with one of our Client Consultants in Benefit Administration.