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Employee/Beneficiary Information

HBT provides and administers Health and Welfare Benefits to nearly 130,000 employees working for more than 300 employers in healthcare, social services and the broader public sector in British Columbia.

Our primary responsibility is to ensure Health Benefits are delivered consistently to all beneficiaries throughout the province while maintaining exceptional customer service to our members.

HBT Group Benefit Coverage

HBT provides your Group Benefit coverage services. Third-party agencies such as Canada Life and Pacific Blue Cross have been contracted to adjudicate claims on HBT’s behalf.

Extended Health and Dental Claims

HBT has selected Pacific Blue Cross (PBC) as their Extended Health & Dental claims adjudication and paying agent. As a member of the Trust, you can obtain all of your Health Benefit information electronically through PBC’s website and speak with an agent Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm.

To learn more about your Plan Benefits and eligibility criteria or to submit a claim visit PBC’s CARESnet.

Long Term Disability (LTD)

HBT has selected Canada Life as their LTD claims adjudication and paying agent. If you have a question about LTD or to submit a claims, speak to your employer.

Early Retirement Incentive Benefit (ERIB)

ERIB is a special early retirement provision for employees on LTD who have reached the age of 55. The provision enables eligible employees to retire onto the Municipal Pension Plan or the Public Sector Pension Plan while being protected from any long term loss in their pension benefits through a lump sum payment.

Rehabilitation services provided by Canada life

Rehabilitation Services provides member employers with comprehensive medical and vocational rehabilitation for their employees on Long Term Disability (LTD). These services support the employer in the delivery of the collectively bargained Early Intervention and Enhanced Disability Management Programs.

Early Intervention Is Key

Rehabilitation can start any time after the employee and their health care provider agree it is medically appropriate. The earlier rehabilitation starts, however, the better. The conversion from a short-term absence to a long term disability rises sharply after 45 days.