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Benefit from Experience

Employee/Beneficiary Info

HBT provides and administers Health and Welfare Benefits to nearly 130,000 employees working for more than 300 employers in healthcare, social services and the broader public sector in British Columbia.

Benefits of Membership

The benefits of being a member of HBT are as follows:

  1. Expert Benefits Team
  2. Transparent Rate Setting
  3. No Profit Charges
  4. No risk charges
  5. No broker fees
  6. Delivery of custom services and programs
  7. Lowest cost fees for adjudication and payment in BC
  8. Strong partnerships and performance management with PBC and Canada Life

HBT Service Providers​

Vanc. 604.646.1200 / 1.888.292.4111
Langley 604.455.2700 / 1.877.262.0749
General Inquiries: 604.419.2000
Extended Health Claims: 604.419.2600
Dental Claims: 604.419.2300

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